ICO Results
3 226 597USD raised 5 357.66Equivalent in ETH
MeeTip is a cryptocurrency that will be used into OutMySphere in order to tip the employee of your choice.
We plan to completely decentralize by using already existing blockchain applications. All data will be stored on the blockchain in the 4th quarter of 2019 and will replace our MongoDB database, as stated in our roadmap.
The MeeTip wallet will contain your coins and will be accessible from a web browser. In addition, a wallet will be assigned to every user of OutMySphere within the app in order to take full advantage of Tip functionality. The launch of MeeTip wallet is planned on june 2019.
Messasing service allows you to chat with people around you and your friends. You will also have the ability to instantly send MeeTip to them. To protect privacy, end-to-end message encryption will be integrated. With this, only you and the person you are communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even us.
With the ‘Tip’ functionality, you will be able to tip the employee of your choice, whether it be the waiter, the barman or even the cook. Simply click on the establishment in which you are, choose the desired employee and pay the amount you want with your wallet containing your MeeTip. In practice, it is immediate and free of charge.
November 2017

We are holding a 7 days Pre-ICO, launching on the 3th of November and we will launch ICO on the 17th of November for 4 weeks.

January 2018

Adding MeeTip to exchange platforms.

Summer 2018

Release of OutMySphere app new version. Integration of customer area for establishment owners. Marketing of the mobile application and bars, cafes and restaurants solicitation.

Summer 2019

Integration of MeeTip wallet into OutMySphere to tip. Release of web based wallet. Add platform where MeeTip can be traded into OutMySphere.

Q4 2019

Replacement of our MongoDB database by the BigchainDB blockchain in order to fully decentralize the data.

The ICO Has Ended
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Bonus rates based on 1 ETH

  • 800

    1st Day
  • 750

    1st Week
  • 700

    2nd Week
  • 650

    3rd Week
  • 600

    4th Week

How to Contribute

Send ETH from MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist or from any personal wallet to :


Set Gas Limit to 200,000

Do not send funds from exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken etc.

Our smart contract will instantly distribute MeeTip upon receiving ETH.

To view your MeeTip tokens, choose code MTIP, 18 decimals and add this address :


Do not send ETH before the crowdsale has begun.

Smart Contract 

MeeTip symbol : MTIP

Maximum supply (hard cap) : 30,000,000 MTIP

Available for purchase : 27,000,000 MTIP

Price : 1 ETH = 600 MTIP

Minimum transaction amount : 0.05 ETH

Coins available only during Pre-ICO and ICO, no new coins will ever be created

Minimum goal : 50,000 MTIP, if not reached, the smart contract is set to refund investors.

Buy Back Program : Instead of allocating MeeTip to the team during the ICO period, we will be launching a buy-back program on the exchange. This way, MeeTip will be purchased with BTC instead of being allocated free of charge to team members. A total of 15% of all MTIP in circulation will be purchased back by our company during the first 24 hours on first exchange to help MeeTip enter a bullish trend.

Tigran Arakelian
Tigran graduated from Lille University with a Master Degree in Digital Law. He has created and managed several Fish & Chips restaurants and a bar before launching OutMySphere. It is precisely his experience in restaurant services and bars that inspired him the idea of ​​OutMySphere.
Tigran will be responsible for the commercial management of OutMySphere project, mainly in the canvassing of establishments and trade negotiations.
Narek Mkrtchian
Creator of a community dating site. He has worked on the drafting of an IFOP report on the evolution of dating sites and their impact. Narek has coded the first version of OutMySphere in C# with Xamarin.
He will support Tigran in the commercial management of the OutMysphere project, specifically in the Russian market.
Paul Anyan
Our lead developer. He has worked as a Java & Swift developer. He is also server admin and manages the MongoDB database. Having recently been familiar with Solidity, he audited our smart contract.
Paul is currently working on the new version of OutMySphere in native language, taking the primary functionalities of the project.
Anthony Collin
The latest recruit, Anthony is a Java developer, he assists Paul in the development of the new mobile app on Android. Also deals with blockchain integration studies in the application.
UX/UI designer, he oversees the design of the new application in order to optimize the user experience.
Maria Ilani
Maria handles OutMySphere's global communication, she manages public relations and business communications.
She benefited from an experience as a former communication assistant at l’Oréal France.

Which wallet should I use to store MeeTip coins ?

As MeeTip is an ERC20 standard token, it can be stored in many different Ethereum based wallets such as Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. We have plan to host a wallet for each user within OutMySphere and a web based wallet.

Will MeeTip coins be traded at exchanges?

We have prepared all required documentation to be listed on exchanges. We are currently talking with two exchanges and plan to be listed on at least one major exchange one month after the finalization of the ICO.

What will happen to unsold coins ?

Our smart contract is set to only mint tokens when receiving ETH. Therefore, there will be no unsold coins remaining after the ICO has been finalized and the total supply will be calculated by the amount that is sold during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Will there be fees to use OutMySphere and its features ?

The use of OutMySphere will remain completely free. The 'Tip' functionality is completely free, both for the sender and for the receiver.